TINDER Experiment Showed That Women Were Interested In Dating Men That Were ABUSIVE . . . RACIST . . . And Even RAPSTS . . . As Long As They’re CUTE!! (Look At These THIRSTY Chicks)

: A person on Reddit decided to play a prank – and create FAKE Tinder profiles – using MALE MODELS pics. Then they made the men RACIST, SEXIST and even RAPISTS – and waited to see how many women would respond.

Amazingly they got TONS of matches.

Here are the men, and look at the responses they got:

1. Chad, 25. The Misogynist


2. Jason, 27. The Neo Nazi (With an actual swastika)

More messages:


3. Jason, 27. Racist bio
(I’m actually pretty shocked that some POC were chatting to this one)

4. Ray, 23. Rapist