MTO SUPER DUPER SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Top NFL Player’s ‘BOYFRIEND’ Leaked . . . A S*XTAPE Of The Quarterback . . . S**KING D**K!!!

: just viewed some EXTREMELY BLOCKBUSTER footage – which purports to show one of the TOP NFL PLAYERS engaged in a gay act with a man.

The NFL Player – who plays the position of QUARTERBACK- has long been rumored to have been either CLOSETED GAY or BISEXUAL.

In the video – which has viewed but DOES NOT POSSESS – the NFL star is seen giving a man some or*l relations.

The man who owns the video has SHOPPED the video to at least ONE other news agency – and is hoping to get PAID for the video. He also has text messages that he believes AUTHENTICATES the video.

A representative for the video owner told, “We’re trying to leak it around the Superbowl – to get maximum views.”

Because we can’t be 100% certain (We’re about 95%) that the NFL player is the person in the video – we are REFRAINING from naming the payer.

But we can tell you that he is one of the BIGGEST NAMES in the league – and his “coming out” would be the BIGGEST sports story of 2018.