MTO SHOCKER: Rapper Young Thug Is CAUGHT CHEATING On His Fiancee . . . And The Person Who He’s CHEATING With . . . Is ALLEGEDLY A FEMALE!!! (Is That A ‘GIRL’???)

: Rapper Young THUG was caught out there last night. His girlfriend found his TRAP PHONE – and then put the “girl” who he was cheating with on BLAST

So far THUGGA has not spoken out about it – but the “girl” has.

Some are questioning whether the girl was born a FEMALE – or if she a TRANS – or a gay man wearing women’s clothes. Amy claims that she was born female.

Here’s THUG:

Here’s his fiancee Jerricka:

And here’s his side chick – a rapper named Amy Luciani:

Here is her rapping.