MTO EXCLUSIVE: Sheree From ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES . . . Allegedly Got MARRIED To A Prison Inmate . . . And We’ve Got PICS!!

: Sheree Whitfield from the Atlanta Housewives has a new “husband” – and he’s a PRISON INMATE. EXCLUSIVELY learned that Sheree is “married” to Tyrone Gilliams, Jr. He apparently is in jail for fraud.

It’s not clear whether the marriage is legal or not, but the two refer to each other as husband and “wifey.”

And we have PROOF. Peep the pics.

But before you go KNOCKING Sheree, Tyrone isn’t some petty scammer – he was jailed for allegedly concocting a MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR sophisticated Securities Fraud.

So he is a successful WHITE COLLAR (alleged) scammer.

Sheree_Man2 Sheree_Man3 Sheree_Man4