MTO EXCLUSIVE: Drake’s Now Dating TYGA’S EX-GIRLFRIEND . . . And We Got Some BIKINI PICS . . . Of Drake’s New BAE!!!

: Drake has a new girlfriend, and she’s TYGA’S EX.

No Not Kylie Jenner, but according to the UK’s The Sun, several people saw Drizzy and Tyga fling Demi Rose out in London partying together. Also said they left together – with a few minutes between them.

Here’s Demi:

Demi Rose (born Demi Rose Mawby) is 22-year-old British model. The 5’2 starlet became famous after posting pics of herself on Instagram only in lingerie. Demi was also part of the controversial group, Taz’s Angels. Based in Miami, they’re a group of popular Instagram women socialites who make club appearances – and may have been professional escorts.