EXCLUSIVE: Remember Damita from The 1980s HIT MOVIE Class Act . . . Well She Doesn’t Age . . . Check Her Out . . . 30 YEARS LATER!!!

: Actress Alysia Rogers played Damita in the 1980s hit movie Class Act. She acted alongside the hit actor/rappers Kid & Play.

Well that movie was nearly 30 years ago. And she still looks as good now as she did then.

Possibly even BETTER!!



Alysia left a skyrocketing Hollywood career to devote her time to raising her daughter, now a young college student. “I was a single mother shortly after my last film and devoted all of me to figuring out this motherhood thing and trying to be the best mom I could be because she was my world. Now she’s a wonderful young college student and I feel it’s time to finish what I started years ago.”