BREAKING NEWS: Rapper Cardi B Has TWITTER MELTDOWN . . . After She’s Exposed For Calling Black People ‘ROACHES’ And Gay People ‘TRANNNYS’!!

: Cardi B went into a full Twitter MELTDOWN last night, after a fan EXPOSED some of her old tweets, and claimed that Cardi was RACIST and HOMOPHOBIC. Here’s what the fan said:

During the Love & Hip Hop reunion show last year, she referred to co-star Asia a “Mayate” – which means Black cockroach in Spanish. She also sent out this tweet, which many people believe had a subtle RACIST undertone:

And here’s Cardi referring to transgenders as “trannys”:

All of these are just accusations though. Cardi has generally shown love to Black people all throughout her come up. But the allegations has the new female rap star RATTLED. She’s having a MELTDOWN on Twitter: