BREAKING NEWS: Asian Jeweler To RAPPERS Is Coming Under FIRE . .. For ‘DEFENDING’ A KOREAN Pop Star Accused Of RACISM . . . Wow We Thought He Was DOWN!!

: Jackson is a Chinese Fencer from Hong Kong who rejected the 2012 London Olympics to come to Korea and train to become a K-pop idol. Finally he debuted under the same company that used to manage Rain. The group is called Got7.

Because he’s wearing dreads a lot of his Black K-pop fans decided that was fucked up and tried to educate him on Twitter. First he responded by doing this:

Then he went full out **shole against his black fans:

Now racist K-pop fans are wilding out defending both Asian pop stars/rappers and calling black fans n****s. Black fans are calling both out, though some house negroes are c***ing out trying to defend Jackson.

Here’s what Ben Baller  – jeweler to rappers – is saying: