MTO PICS: ‘THICK’ Korean Speed Skater Is BLOWING UP On Social Media . . . It’s RARE To See An ASIAN . . . With CURVES LIKE THAT!!!

: A South Korean speed skater Lee Sang Hwa is catching FIRE on social media. They’re claiming that the Asian athlete has more CURVES than we’re used to seeing.

Seoul native Lee Sang-Hwa was the first Asian woman to win an Olympic gold in speed skating. In the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, she finished first in the 2x500m and has gone on to win several medals since then. Last year, she was tapped by Korean soldiers as the country’s best prospect for a medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

“I was so envious of skaters who got cheers from the home crowd when I was in Vancouver and Sochi. I thought how it would be nice if the Olympics take place in Korea. That has come true, and I’m thrilled by it.” — Lee Sang-Hwa told The Chosun Ilbo.

Lee Sand Hwa curves has earned her fans not just for her speed-skating talents, but also for her bodacious booty. And while some may say that Asian’s aren’t typically known to be blessed with curves, Koreans tend to be the exception.

Black Ink’s Young Bae is another example of an Asian woman rocking serious curves. It didn’t take her long to land a boo after starting a gig at the VH1 ink shop. Within months she was boo’d up and moving in with her new boyfriend.

Sang-Hwa’s career hit a small decline when she suffered a knee injury which would need surgery. But even if the skating doesn’t work out – a modeling career should definitely be something to consider!