MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: R&B Singer Frank Ocean . . . Just Got ENGAGED .. . To His LATINO BOYFRIEND!! (PICS)


: just got some GREAT news. We just heard from a ROCK SOLID SNITCH – that R&B singer Frank Ocean and his longtime boyfriend Memo are engaged.

Since the release of his album Blonde, the singer who is known to be very private about his personal life.

Just last October, Frank Ocean beat a $14.5 million libel suit from his OWN father, who accused him of defamation stemming from Ocean’s bold coming out letter. He alleged that he was at a restaurant with his father at a New Orleans restaurant when his father called their waitress (who was transgender waitress an anti-gay slur.)

Cooksey lost the case as there was no evidence proving that he cooked be linked to Ocean. Frank Ocean has been ESTRANGED from him for many years and did not name him in the Tumblr post.

Ocean’s coming out did spawn a slew of think pieces on being openly gay in hip-hop. His former Odd Future crew member Tyler, The Creator, had known for some time about his sexuality but had remained a true friend and kept his secret. But the fact that he felt as though he had to keep it a secret in this day and age is deeply saddening. We are pleased that he has moved on from the lawsuit and is involved in a happy relationship.

He looks very content with his fiance, soon-to-be husband in the pictures below.

Yeah . . . We’re SO EXCITED. Hopefully, they send us an INVITE. We promise not to spill any WEDDING TEA #CrossedFingers