SHOCK CRIME: Detroit One Year Old Baby is BEATEN TO DEATH At Daycare . . . By An 8 Year Old BOY!!! (Pics And DETAILS)

: Korey Brown was an angel called home to heaven. Unfortunately young Korey suffered terribly before he made the transition. The 1-year-old was BRUTALLY MURDERED while at daycare.

Police say that Korey’s mom found him inside a playpen at Keysha Keepers daycare inside a playpen. And when Bryanna Reasonover, Korey’s mom, went to pick him up, she saw that he was covered in bruises and bite-marks.

The cause of death remains unknown, and a 5-year-old who was also at the day care center may be the only witness who can give insight into what happened to the baby.

Police believe that the children were unsupervised for “a couple of hours” at the time of the death and that Korey was killed by another child at the daycare – an 8-year-old girl.